GSM GPS Mini Tracker Locator

GSM GPS Mini Tracker Locator

It's small and easy to hide. You can wear it as a necklace. Track or locate a child, someone elderly, a pet, a car, or whatever you want to keep an eye on at all times.

It's easy to place, and it has a lot of handy utilities. It supports a familiarity number, automatic answering, and even a one-way conversation can be set up. Positioning takes 26 seconds after a cold start.

It only uses 1 button -- for power on/off and SOS. And of course it has a USB port for external connections, and an IP54 waterproof level.

What are you waiting for?

Mini GSM GPS Tracker Locator

Wear it as a necklace

It even looks good as a necklace, and no one will know it's a tracker and locator. And if someone asks, just say it's your lucky charm. After all, it may be exactly that one day.

Mini GSM GPS Tracker Locator

It's so small

It's smaller than your car keys so you can easily place it inside a pocket, a school bag, a suitcase, a lunch bag, or any other location you can possibly think of to hide it.

Mini GSM GPS Tracker Locator

Easy to use and yet so powerful

You can use SMS, an app (Android and iOS), or a laptop to find the location of the tracker. And it offers real-time positioning, historical trajectory, electronic fence, SOS for help, remote intelligent monitoring, and even remote intelligent two-way calling.

Get it before someone or something gets lost!