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Our Special Offers are a select choice of the countless items we encounter in our daily search for things we can feel passionate about. They are either extremely useful even indispensable in our modern every day life. When we stumble upon such items we want to share them with our friends so we want to offer them to you at a special discounted price.

9D Stereo Wireless Earphones

9D Stereo Wireless Earphones

Can you believe you can not listen to 9D surround bass stereo using a wireless Bluetooth 5.0 connection on your mobile phone or tablet at this very moment?

These earphones with a 4000 mAh charger box with LED digital display offer you that musical enjoyment anywhere, anytime, right now, if only, you had them already.

Anti Pollution Anti Virus PM2.5 Breathing Mask

Anti Pollution Anti Virus PM2.5 Breathing Mask

A high quality cotton PM2.5 micro particles filter that can protect you from smog, haze, pollution, vehicle exhaust gases, secondhand smoke, pollen, and last but not least flue, corona, and other potentially lethal viruses. The U-shaped design increases comfort as well as the sealing capacity.

Limited Quantity Available!

Selfie stick with mobilizer & tripod

Integrated Metal Bluetooth Selfie Stick w/Tripod

An integrated portable aluminum Bluetooth selfie stick with live bracket that is extendable to an astounding 1.70m.

Of course, it comes with a remote control, a tripod and a telescopic rod that has a fill light for when you need a bit more light.

4K HD 16-35x Telescope Camera Zoom Lens

4K HD 16-35x Telescope Camera Zoom Lens

A telescope camera zoom lens for smartphones with a tripod, remote control and a professional dust cover. It has a length of 174 mm and attaches to the camera lens of your phone.

It will give you 4K HD quality and zooms in 35x so you can really get up close.

Posture Corrector

Lumbar Support Posture Corrector

A poor posture is bad for your health in the long term. Whether you work on the computer all day, sit in a chair all day at work or at school, chances are you are slouching and don't even realize it. It doesn't look nor feel good. Over time, you will find out why ignoring it was such a bad idea.

High pressure shower head

High Pressure Spa Massage Shower Head

A chromed round high pressure water saving rotatable shower head with some very special health features. Infrared mineral stones and negative ion mineral stones make up a double filter system protecting you by reducing chlorine and absorbing harmful substances in the water.

Bye-bye Mosquitoes Bracelet

The Bye-Bye Mosquitoes Bracelet

Your bracelet emits sounds that female mosquitoes hate, and they are the ones that sting you because they need blood to lay their eggs. And while they're at it, they stay away from male mosquitoes.

So the sound of a male mosquito drives them away!

GSM GPS Mini Tracker Locator

The GSM-GPS-Mini-Tracker-Locator

It's small and easy to hide. You can even wear it as a necklace. Use it to track or locate a child, someone elderly, a pet, or a car or motorcycle. It supports a familiarity number, automatic answering, and even a one-way conversation can be set up.

Mini GPS Tracker

Mini GPS tracker for car or person

A mini GPS tracker anti-theft device with magnetic voice recorder for a vehicle or a person's location.

It offers remote pickup and remote recording via a mobile app and uses GSM and GPRS networks. It's only 10x10x10cm in size, and has a recording range of 80 sq. meters.

Track your car, motorbike, or a loved one!

Ultrasonic Dental Toolkit

The Ultrasonic Dental Toolkit

Dental sonic cleaning toolkit with a silicone flossing tip. Use as a toothpick, stain eraser, plaque remover with sonic pulses or for whitening. It gently removes tartar and stains.You can scale the tooth surface and between teeth.

Also works on crowns, implants, veneers, and other dental work.

Car Backseat Storage Organizer

Car Backseat Storage Organizer

Nice, easy to clean PU leather car backseat storage organizer that has a universal fit for most cars, trucks and SUVs. With all its special pockets for literally all kinds of items, it will keep your vehicle's interior well organized and it protects your backseat at the same time.

Easy to clean PU leather material, precision stitching, adjustable strap, anti scratch, anti rub.

Reflective Flash LED Driving Vestr

Reflective Flash LED Driving Vest

360° reflective flash LED driving vest. Safety when cycling, riding a bike at night, jogging at dawn or dusk, or just walking outside on a dark road at night.


TPU light guide fiber, EL flashing, 4 LEDs, fiber optic length: 130 cm / 51.18", dual box independent control LED controller.

We add unique items to our special offers whenever we discover something that we really want to share with you. To make sure you don't miss out, visit this page regularly. These items go fast and we cannot guarantee when or even if they will become available again once the current stock is sold out.